What is Fable? How do I get started?

Fable is the modern way to discover, read, and talk about the world’s best books. Fable is much more than a reading app. It is the next big thing in digital wellness and building human connections. Join Fable to discover books carefully curated each month by tastemakers and experts, from acclaimed authors and artists to academics to world-class athletes to industry titans. Fable’s Folios take the guesswork out of finding a great new book.

Some of Fable's features include:

CULTURED CURATION. Fable Folios present exceptional selections to suit your mood and interests — so that you can spend more time reading, and less time searching. Choose top picks from millions of books, including runaway bestsellers, exciting new releases, and hidden gems.

THE MODERN BOOK CLUB. With Fable’s virtual Reading Clubs, you can share your thoughts, highlight favorite quotes, and have discussions right in the book. Our exclusive discussion prompts spark thoughtful dialogue and reflection, to help you read more deeply.

GET YOUR THOUGHTS DOWN ON (DIGITAL) PAPER. Make highlights and take notes while you read, and easily return to your favorite sections, quotes, and ideas.

COMPELLING DESIGN. Enjoy a delightful ad-free reading experience, and customize the way you read: choose your preferred text font, day or night mode, and horizontal or vertical scrolling.

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